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jbail3y says

I just purchased Photo Nexus and have one question… What is the Prev and Next text for at the bottom of a Category page? I was thinking that it was for one of two things…

1. I turned Gallery Slideshow Autoplay on and off, but Prev and Next didn’t link.

2. I reduced the Maximum no. of Photos to display, below the number of photos in one of my categories, but Prev and Next didn’t link.

Any clarification would be much appreciated! Thanks for making such an excellent theme. After spending 2 solid days banging my head against a wall with free themes, I was happy to buy from you…

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imaginem says


Thank you for purchasing Photo Nexus. I’m the author of this theme.

Please post all question directly to the theme’s comment page, you’ll find it here.


Send me a mail via my profile with your website url, i’ll check and reply.


Regards, Mondre’