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OurWebMedia says


My dad is a wanna-be professional photographer and wants me to build him a website to sell his work on.

His photography business is North American Wildlife Photos and I’m looking for a template that would work to sell photos and has a nature feel to it.

Are there any recommendations? My budget isn’t very big. I’m not looking for a custom job by any means. Just maybe a suggestion.



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SiGa says

Well, did you already have a look at the photography/portfolio templates sold here? http://themeforest.net/category/site-templates/creative/photography (add portfolio at the end instead to search there if you want to) It also depends on if you want an HTML template oder a CMS solution (Wordpress, Joomla…), maybe better if he wants to sell his photos. Are you familiar with those?

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Contact me trough my profile :) ;)

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jmrodgers says

There are a ton of really good Site Templates and WordPress themes on ThemeForest for photographers, it just depends on your level of expertise and who is going to be using the template. In addition to all the Photography templates, you may also want to check out the Portfolio templates and/or the Picture Gallery templates, these will also work for displaying pictures. Even if you find a theme that doesn’t have the “nature” feel that you’re looking for, any of the themes can be customized.