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theMOLITOR says

It’s all about “satisficing” ...

“It is often preferable to settle for a satisfactory solution, rather than pursue an optimal solution… The best design decision is not always the optimal design decision…”

Taken from Universal Principles of Design

(GREAT book by the way)

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stylus1274 says

I’ve tested Site Grinder. It’s garbage. It doesn’t fully use the CSS to it’s capabilities and offers up many other headaches.

You have issues with the background and divs not being properly used/built.

I woudn’t recommend it to anyone not even a noob. All it will do is teach bad techniques.

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Cozo says

Indeed, learning to hand-code is the best thing.

Don’t rely on automated solutions for this.

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cdavidson says

just kearn css and html.. its not a hard to get the basics. i learnt it to the point i could code wordpress themes in a weekend.

may not learn to be a master of it in that time but atleat its a good starting point :)

never use anything that auto generates code it will just hamper your learning.