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websharky says

Hi I am looking for some one that has had experience in making tropical plants as i need some custom plants making these are for the cryengine 3 game am working on and should be able to import them in easily, have listed bellow

1.CANE PLANT (SUGAR PLANT) need to be able to duplicate these to create a field of them and be able to move with the wind or character walking past 2.Mango Tree with Mango’s on them 3.lime and lemon Trees 4.COTTON PLANT BUSHES

can provide photo images of each plant to help please show example of your work and cost per plant type on this job if you require more information please contact me Cheers :-)

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contrastblack Staff says

Hi! Please get in touch through my profile page, and I shall reply with all the required information.

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Gadlaik says

Hey there! If you’re interested you can contact me since i can’t do that . Thanks!