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snpthms2 says


We have 2 themes waiting in the queue. Contacting support is like trying to reach God, you can’t actually do that, it’s more like talking to yourself. We’ve been with you since the begining and we’d like to go with you for our next releases as well. Isn’t that a win-win situation? It’s been almost a month since we have got no proper answer on the reason our account was closed, but seriously, could we please have at least a date when it’s gonna be back, if that’s going to happen at all? Give us a hint here, we are clueless.. Really!

We didn’t really mean to open a new thread, but we have opened over 5 tickets so far for the past 3 weeks with no answer at all. Travis did a great job taking us to Sarah, but still no mention on why that happened. C’mon guys! This is really… awkward for both parties.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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KingDog Staff says

Support has talked to you multiple times and they’ve reached their decision. Please do not open any more threads or accounts. Future accounts and threads will be disabled. Thanks.