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Tricycle says

I’m a bit late to the party here but let me just fill you in on what actually happened. I’m the author of Adminica and CRTVMax took a lot more than a little inspiration from my template, it was 1% inspiration, 99% copying.

CRTVMax basically took Adminica, wrapped a new navigation around it, created a new colour skin and released it as a brand new template. The HTML , JS and CSS files were almost identical, down to the class names and even comments. The real give away and what I thought was hilarious was that the documentation was also identical!

I contacted Envato and they said the only way to approach the situation was to send a DMCA to CRTVMax so that’s what I did. It was the first DMCA I ’ve sent to a fellow author and hopefully the last.

Some heavy hitting authors commenting here, I’m sure you’ve had similar situations (Freshface, I contacted you a couple years back after I found a blatant rip off of Creative Zodiac) and maybe you let it slide but this was so blatant I thought I would not only be doing a disservice to myself but also all the other great TF authors. Call me old fashioned but I think creating a template should take more skill than doing a quick find and replace then changing some hex values.

CRTVMax, I also emailed you directly about this and you just didn’t seem to grasp what he did was wrong although you did apologise profusely.

Best regards, Oisin

PS: Sorry for resurrecting a post from 4 months ago but I had to defend myself!

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CreatingDrew says

Since both sides have now had their say and considering this is a copyright issue; I’m going to go ahead and lock the thread. :)

If you ever have concerns about copyright issues, please directly them straight to Envato Support.