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angrothemes says

Hi, Please tell me if any problem in my website design.

is this acceptable for themeforest?


Thanks in Advance

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ThemeBuddies says

I feel like the spacing is a problem. It looks like some things are space to far apart. for example, the my services section. Your design looks like there is no container that the whole design fits in. Like some things are more to the right than other things. For example, the “Print, web design, web development and online marketing are more to the right than then they should be. It doesn’t line up with the logo and navigation and that seems to be a constant thing in your template. Also, there is no blog section. For an html template, that might not be a bad thing but some reviewers might want to you add that since everyone else has one. This will make your design “Competitive” with the rest of the marketplace

So you might think about adding “Blog, single blog, comments, comment form, author bio box, a sort-able portfolio section with maybe 2 or 3 different layout options

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wickedpixel says

Yes, items are too spread out on big screens. Also, this type of designs are starting to look way too boring! I almost can’t distinguish one template from another.

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charlie4282 says

This resembles so many others on here. That aside it does not validate, the divider italic text below the services looks cramped and the text is oversized, as does the contact icons and it needs more features to it.