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dwhitmore says


I need a plugin/script created for my company’s site that does the following (below), and am wondering if anyone knows if one already exists – or if not, how much it would cost to develop. The site is built on Wordpress.

Script needed to:

- The site has about 20 pdf’s that can be downloaded by visitors

- User tries to download one and must complete a simple form (name/phone/email/heard about us/comments) in order to gain access

- User then receives the pdf via email (which also blind cc’s us, so we get their contact details and are aware of the download)

- User then (via cookie) can download any of the pdf’s on our site without needing to input details again

- Any time he downloads one, we get the contact details AND notification of which pdf he chose to download – again, via email

Essentially we have this at the moment, users download pdf’s and we get notified – however, they have to re-input their info for every pdf they want to download, which is really bad :).



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2DMonkey says

Hi Dan,

We would be interested to help you develop this. We can’t contact you via your profile, though, so please can you provide us with a contact email address or alternatively you can contact us at hello@2dmonkey.com.

Best regards,


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mesunil2010 says

Hi Dan, Rently i had worked on similar type of plugin , you can see my protfolio. And if you want me to work with you, you can email me at : mesunil2010@gmail.com. I will be looking forward for your email. Good night.