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The other topic is already getting filled up. Please keep this thread clean, restrain from talking, just vote if you agree or do not agree!

Original Thread here .

You can cast your vote here .

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I don’t understand what are you complaining about. It’s a normal thing to refund if the file does not work.

Which part do you not agree on ( what are we voting for ) ? The refund if the file is not working or the 100% Money back guarantee if the user is not happy ?

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I think he’s refering to the issue that with this change refund will be charged to author. Right now Envato makes the refund by themselves.

What i don’t understand is why people makes this kind of polls. Not sure if they make sense if Envato is not behind the initiative.

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polls represent something even if does not bring any fruit to the cause atleast it will tell the view of the public

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Quite frankly I think it should be 50/50. Authors SHOULD pay HALF . If a file does not work correctly, and is hosted on the site, it is partially the marketplaces fault for allowing such content. That being said, authors should only upload files that actually work, but I think that goes without saying.

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I’m fairly convinced Envato will come to regret the policy. Why?

  • An item is not as described (e.g. it says it works for WordPress 2.7 but actually doesn’t)
  • The files are corrupt
  • The item just plain doesn’t work

Only point 1 will be relevant, the other 2 simply shouldn’t even occur at any time. That’s why there is a review process.

Then there’s point one which will have a few black&white cases which will be clear right away. But in most cases will probably come down to a endless squible between author and envato in a back and forth “does work” – “doesn’t work” with a lot of explanations from authors why it does work IF x and IF y and IF such and IF so in a really grey arrea. Then you’ll get the process of back&forth explanation to the customer and in the end it’s a long process to get things cleared up.

Basically, it would be much better if customers simply ask an author beforehand if he has any doubts.

The whole principle will push authors into the direction of either creating a very long list of specific requirements to use the file, or simplify the specification to the situation in which it wíll work and include a disclaimer for any situations outside those requirements to contact the author first before buying. And at that point the buyers will still start to inquire about their specific needs, just as they would/should do at this moment.

But anyway, the back&forth intermediating of envato will give them a lot of extra work to do.

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