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Screendesire says

Hello community: Is it possible to use a graphic in different uploads? Specifically: Can I for example use one button of my Call To Action Button Set and use it in a Web User Interface Set, for example? Or has every item in every upload be unique?

I also would like to know, if its possibe to once again use a button of an already uploaded set and create an upload with just this button in lots of different sizes and colors. So this would be some kind of an ‘extended version’.

Thanks in advance!

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Lifer says

...About your first question, I think you can use it in a web UI set as well as the button set, ‘cause I’ve seen authors make business card mock-ups and then use that same mock-up in a stationary mock as well, since those are related categories.

About the “extended version” I wouldn’t know…

FYI, don’t link your items on forum posts, they don’t allow that.