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MikeMoloney says

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to write an article about Preview Image Design and product presentation. These may or may not be useful tips to you and they are not proven to work, but are simply some tips I have thought of and would love to share!

Alright so let’s get started! First I would like to discuss some things I have noticed about Graphicriver files specifically. One common trend that people tend to do is attempt to fit loads of information and customization features of there files in a mile long preview image that takes a few minutes to finish viewing to the bottom. I can say I have had this issue. Currently all of my preview images are not the best they could be, and from now on I will attempt to make better images. Anyways, here are some tips:

1. Excessive Information Overload!

One major trend is to load a preview with info and facts about the file. I think this is a bad idea. If you have every read theory of design, you will know that too much information causes a user to give up on the page and click off. So try to keep information to a minimal and organize it in a way that is easy on the eyes, and can be read quickly without much effort.

2. Graphic Elements

My next tip is to make use of graphic elements and icons. I have noticed that some of the highest selling files use alot of clean elements, images, and banners. Adding detail and graphics to your preview image make it so much more interesting. This could make your page more attractive and ultimately contribute to a user spending more time on YOUR product.

3. Final Tips

This page is already too long! Anyways my final words will be to really focus on your preview images. Up to this point I feel like my preview images are both lacking and not well planned. I recommend planning your preview images ahead of time. Make a clean layout, make use of graphics and elements, make sure you product is large, bold, and makes an impact on the designer. With these few tips I think we can make our preview images alot better, and also can help contribute to more sales, longer page time, and possibly more traffic?

Anyways I will conclude by saying I hope this post was helpful to you. I really think a few tips every once in a while can help, and these could be useful to any author, including the veterans ;) I hope these helped and I strongly suggest you share some more! I am also looking for some guidance and anything would help! Please share below.

Thanks so much for reading guys! Hope this wasn’t too long ;) Please share anything you can think of that might help!