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I’m one of Envato’s top buyers, I’ve spent thousands here over the last 7 years. Thanks for your customer appreciation; I’ve bought more than most anyone else has in the world. I appreciate the kind words and gratitude for all the money I’ve spent here.

Hint: insulting your #1 top customer is probably not a good idea…what do all the other buyers think? Buyers speak up!

Sellers: “greed is good, jack up prices, wee!”

Buyers: You gotta be kidding. In this economy? Really?

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R├ęduction au beau moment! ;)

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So if pre-price increase I bought 5 items per month at $20 each = $100, at new pricing I’ll just buy 4 items per month at $25 each = $100, just one less author gets paid.

Sorry, but for authors there is no difference. If you buy 5 before or 4 items now. For us it is still $100. Am I missing something?..

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So if pre-price increase I bought 5 items per month at $20 each = $100, at new pricing I’ll just buy 4 items per month at $25 each = $100, just one less author gets paid. I’m a top buyer here, I won’t spend more overall just because of arbitrary price hikes, I’ll just buy FEWER Items, to stay within fixed monthly budget.

To be honest I don’t get it, I thought that people buy themes according to their needs. For example if someone needs to develop 5 websites in a month for his clients then he will normally buy 5 themes. And, if now you pay 4 dollars extra, then will be 20 dollars a month for 5 themes, doesn’t seem a fortune if we keep in mind all advantages. Let’s be honest, for a freelancer/small agency is way more profitable to buy a template than to develop a website from scratch.

So, if you have 5 clients in a month and need 5 themes why to buy only 4? Is more profitable for you to develop from scrath the 5th website? Isn’t better to pay 3-4 dollars extra? With this small price increases authors will be motivated and will keep produce awesome products.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand your point of view, we are all unhappy when we have to spend more money for a product. But I also think that we, TF authors, need to be able make a decent life by selling our items here. For example in the HTML category, I think prices have remained the same over the last 3-4 years.

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We don’t need a price increase, but we need equal exposure right for every author, which is currently NOT the case ; especially for new items (hidden category links).

This is the one and only “Win- Win” condition.

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This is strange. I noticed a 2$ increase on one of my items yesterday, but today the price is rolled back. Is this a bug? Or the increase was a mistake?

EDIT: please ignore the message, my mistake, I was wrong due to the 2$ you have to pay when you don’t have a deposit.

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Guys, look at the bright side, my mobile items cost the same, so go ahead and purchase all of them! :D :D :D :D

Just kidding!

Please take a moment and look at it from a different perspective! Some items have the same price, and if not, most of the stuff sold here, would cost you 100 times more, if not 1000 times more to get done by a professional freelancer, so, not it costs you 99.8 times more, if not 999.8 times more to get it done by a professional freelancer. It’s honestly the same. I don’t believe it’s greed on Envato’s side, but on buyers side who sell items from her for their own profit. You’ll be loosing 3$ on customers from now on, is that such a huge crime? And the guys you purchase from, will get an extra 2.25$ at best!

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Thats it! cool!

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As a buyer, price increases don’t bother me, I just charge my client a little more to cover my costs, in the end $3 increase is less than a coffee here.

I buy items on needs, a client wants xx and I go buy an item to fulfill xx, the price increase doesn’t influence what I buy as the items here I get 3 things:

- bloody cheap prices (my currency means for a WP theme I am paying less than I would for a months mobile bill. - Most of the items are of a high quality, means I have to spend little time to change the item / get support = less time for me = more profit. - The support from most authors is exceptional – I bought a slider from codecanyon which wouldn’t work, one message on the support and the author logged in, sorted it and released a fix to CC.

I would pay 10x the cost for the items as I know they are too cheap, it’s a case of supply and demand but $50 gets me a WP theme which I can resell for hundreds or thousands.

I am not going to bat an eye lid over a few dollars, prior warning would have been nice but I don’t buy on price (I buy on the needs) so this increase doesn’t bother me one bit.

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