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AlexFjord says

@Little-Neko: I think you have some very valid points there. The idea of a buyers forum though is ricky (I guess that “item requests” her eis close). My concern with a dedicated buyer forum is that it may lead to unnecessary and unfair author/envato bashing.

Regretfully we see on a daily basis people complaining or ranting about stuff not working, about lack of support or demanding refunds, most of which (not all obviously) is down to a lack of technical knowledge, a mis understanding of how the marketplace works and so on.

This is a shame as a buyer section may give some useful insight but there are a number of reasons around buyer privacy and beyond that make it unlikely.

I think your point about finding a balance between unique and sellable is extremely true. Points well made.

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VF says

I think also that if a theme is too unique, it will be less easy to customize for clients. A “standard” theme will fit easier for any kind of business. That’s a hard balance, unique enough to be accepted, not too unique to have good sales.

+1 I think this is where the risky part exists for authors. I am not a TF author yet but spent much time observing and just decided to stay away from here. Personally I see all the veteran authors who proven with bulk sales numbers are allowed to stay with “standard designs” on new items (even 100th time) while other authors are tightly filtered with uniqueness. That’s actually a good strategy from one point of view but since sales numbers are inclined a lot towards ‘standard designs’, these kind of filtering approach isn’t fair – from ethical – subjective and also business point of view.

I think a big marketplace such as TF shouldn’t afraid for veteran authors and have a linear rule towards everyone. Recently I have seen approval emails doesn’t include reviewer name. That’s the best way to have a clean – balanced system. In the same way, Envato should consider making author names anonymous to reviewers, so that approval process / quality control doesn’t get diverted due to past sales history. I know hiding author name is not 100% possible, in such case atleast inform reviewers to stay strict towards both Orange Paw and nearly Power Elite ones.