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gbs says

Btw, why wouldn’t graphic river and photodune combine? Why can’t I just have a single site and use a search filter for “vectors’ or something if I want vectors over photos?

No I don’t think they would ever combine, not in the current system. There are even some ideas about splitting vector and logo category from GR to another new Marketplace site. I think the problem here is the current structure of the system, and the difference between the content of each Marketplace site. So in the mean time, you’d have to switch between GR and PD for your search :)

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SiliconWorldAD says

Well how would simple search filters not totally and completely solve that problem? Graphicriver and photodune both sell pictures, just make one site that has vectors and logos as a separate filter. Cause both these sites use textures, and both these sites use graphics and illustrations, so why not? I mean if they are going to separate the content they should at least do vector stuff and non-vector stuff instead of mixing and matching.