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Hey Community,

I’m searching for a solution for this: I use privatcontent to manage static user profile page, also i need a e-commerce solution. But wp e-commerce uses the WP-Usermanagement for login. It’s no problem to duplicate the user tables inside privatecontent and set them manually in WP. “All I need” is a kind of simultan Login/logout within one Login Form. Here’s what the privatcontent auth.php is about:

<?php// script to handle the AJAX request on the frontend and authenticate the user // load the auth form add_action('init', 'pg_load_auth_form'); function pg_load_auth_form() { if(isset($_POST['type']) && $_POST['type'] == 'pg_get_auth_form') { echo pg_login_form(); die(); } } // handle the ajax form submit add_action('init', 'pg_user_auth'); function pg_user_auth() { global $wpdb; $table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "pg_users"; if(isset($_POST['type']) && $_POST['type'] == 'js_ajax_auth') { include(PG_DIR . '/classes/simple_form_validator.php'); $validator = new simple_fv; $indexes = array(); $indexes[] = array('index'=>'pg_auth_username', 'label'=>'username', 'required'=>true); $indexes[] = array('index'=>'pg_auth_psw', 'label'=>'psw', 'required'=>true); $indexes[] = array('index'=>'auca', 'label'=>'allowed categories', 'required'=>true); $validator->formHandle($indexes); $error = $validator->getErrors(); $fdata = $validator->form_val; // RESPONSES // error $base_error = json_encode(array( 'resp' => 'error', 'mess' => __('Username or password incorrect', 'pg_ml') )); // not right level if(!get_option('pg_default_uca_mex')) { $not_has_level_err = __("Sorry, you don't have the right permissions to view this content", 'pg_ml'); } else {$not_has_level_err = get_option('pg_default_uca_mex');} $not_has_level_err = json_encode(array( 'resp' => 'error', 'mess' => $not_has_level_err )); // success // redirect logged user to pvt page if(get_option('pg_logged_user_redirect') && (int)get_option('pg_logged_user_redirect') != 0) { $target = (int)get_option('pg_logged_user_redirect'); $redirect_url = get_permalink($target); } else {$redirect_url = '';} $success = json_encode(array( 'resp' => 'success', 'mess' => __('Wilkommen', 'pg_ml'), 'redirect' => $redirect_url )); if($error) {die($base_error);} else { // create the allowed cats array $allowed_cat_arr = explode(',', $fdata['auca']); // db check $user_data = $wpdb->get_row( $wpdb->prepare( " SELECT id, categories FROM ".$table_name." WHERE username='".$fdata['pg_auth_username']."' AND psw = '".base64_encode($fdata['pg_auth_psw'])."' AND status = 1 ") ); if(!$user_data) {die( $base_error );} else { // put the user id in the session $_SESSION['pg_user_id'] = $user_data->id; $user_cats = unserialize($user_data->categories); // if is a single login if($allowed_cat_arr[0] == 'single') {die($success);} // if user doesn't have a category if(!is_array($user_cats)) {die( $base_error );} // check if has the permission to view the content if($allowed_cat_arr[0] == 'all') {die($success);} else { $has_the_pass = false; foreach($allowed_cat_arr as $a_cat) { if(in_array($a_cat, $user_cats)) {$has_the_pass = true; break;} } if($has_the_pass) {die($success);} else {die( $not_has_level_err );} } } } die(); // security block } } //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // execute logout add_action('init', 'pg_logout_user', 1); function pg_logout_user() { if(isset($_POST['type']) && $_POST['type'] == 'pg_logout') { unset($_SESSION['pg_user_id']); // check if a redirect is needed if(get_option('pg_logout_user_redirect') && (int)get_option('pg_logout_user_redirect') != 0) { $target = (int)get_option('pg_logout_user_redirect'); $redirect_url = get_permalink($target); } else {$redirect_url = '';} echo $redirect_url; die(); } } ?>

There’s also a .js for handling the ajax query, i’m not sure if you need this.

Thank you in advance



Edit: The “code” tag displays a bit strange

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