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baranmod says
Yesterday I reinstalled my windows and whole PC also. Today I saw a problem which piss** me off…

When I save image (with photoshop) it looks good in pictures preview. But when I upload that image to internet (postimage.org (also tried my own web) all grey color in that image turns to blue… I’ve tried 2 browsers (chrome and FF) and it is the same on both

So, the question is: what could it be wrong?

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jonathan01 says

you need to look up color in photoshop and how you are displaying your documents via their profiles – photoshop needs to be setup basically (along with when you create new documents – i.e. the color profiles etc)


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mikedidthis says

Colour profiles.

I believe Chrome uses embedded colour profiles, whilst FF doesn’t.

Are you embedding your colour profile in the jpeg?