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Hello, What i need license to use video projects from video hive on YT as intro before my films (let’s play)? Intro will be used only to a series let’s play from various games,which will go differently i.e once every two days one game, or every 3, etc.My videos in the future may be monetization, if it matters. But no one from watchers my video will not pay for watching. I think thah is a regular license. I asked about this support but do not write off a long time,so I decided to write in this forum.


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Hey, you’re right, if your end product is free to watch you need a regular license.

You can use the same license for all your videos in 1 series (maximum 1 year), after that you should buy another license, more info here: http://videohive.net/licenses/faq#separate-license-a


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What then is 1 series, if I do let’s play, which are the games?I ‘let’s play ‘call the series, so for me is the all videos from different games in the one series, For example, The walking dead, skyrim, murdered, cod, bf, and even more games – it’s all the time for me is one series of games. What is the license? As I look at it? I read the faq but for me is too advanced English, so unfortunately can’t all understand and because i will prefer talk with normally someone, than to suspect.

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Hey altair366,

Could you be so kind as to provide the ticket ID you have open with Support?

Here’s a quick explanation:

You mention a series, where you have multiple gameplay videos being displayed and the template will serve as an intro. You only need a single regular license if the template is used identically throughout. Purchasing a regular license only allows you to modify the files once. Multiple edits, and respectively multiple different end-products result in a need for an additional license, for each consequently altered end-product.

You can read more about that here.

I hope this manages to answer your questions, but if not, that ticket ID might come in handy for any additional questions. Thanks! :)

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One series = series let’s play where i show xxx diffrent games? For all i want add one edit template as intro. Can i understood as 1 series = 1 show game ? I don’t understand what is written in the link which you gave about the series. I can use in one series in the year only 52x intro on regular license ? Do like ? Here is ID Ticket : 6791 But thank you for explain that i can only modify once intro.Helped me so much :)

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Sorry for double post but i no see “edit”

I found this topic : http://videohive.net/forums/thread/commercial-use-of-rendered-after-effects-projects-on-youtube/41401

And if I understand it when i buy one of the projects video hive and I edit him for myself (colors,subtitels) And i create end product for me, which i use when rendering before intro for my video on youtube from games at will ? When buying only one regular license for all my videos from channel and I will not limited amount use my end product(intro)? So at least I understood last post user “MarkBrodhuber”.

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