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ibanhoe says


I have some problems with the image gallery implementation in my web application.

My web app is developed with Adminica template and Java Server Faces.

The page where i want to implement an Image Gallery has a Tabs element too, I mean, one of the tabs is the Image gallery.

The problem is that this image gallery is shown in wrong way, all images are overlapped and with very small height.

If I set the image gallery tab in the first place, the gallery works perfectly, but if I set the image gallery in a different place, the gallery does not work, it is happening too with another tab which contains a google map, i had to set it in the first place….

I hope you can help me with this

Thanks a lot

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DzincStudio says

Hi ibanhoe, the appropriate support forum for this theme can be found here. Your license code is required when registering. Good luck.

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ibanhoe says

Thanks a lot

I tried that, but i have not received an answer and it is very urgent.

Well, thanks again

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Tricycle says

Hi Ibanhoe, you contacted us just after 18:00. Your support ticket will be replied to tomorrow.

Best regards, Oisin

PS: Thanks for providing link DzincStudio :)