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first of all…i´m no Pro so i´m in need of your help. i bought the nimble Theme of Dream Team. Their support is offline, so i´m unable to ask ´em. O.K. i rely on this Forum, that someone else bought that theme and can help me:

On startsite you can set a one-by-one slider or a slideshow. If i use the one-by-one slider, it´s not placed in the middle of the side and it doesn’t switch between the pics. All pics appear at once and that´s it. i´t doesn´t and yes i considered the autoslide settings.

If i use the slideshow. It is centered in the middle and the slide options work, but the scaling of the pics doesn´t work. They are too big…the edges disappeared in the frame of the slideshow and the title of these pics were shown by a sidescreen which i can´t turn off…

What can i do?? :-( Any advices? suggestions?? Tips?


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