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isset1988 says

Hello, i have a webshop where i sell clothes and shoes.

1) First of all i want a super professional logo for my web shop.

2) A super professional Business Card included the above logo, the profession/business title, the address, the phone and email/website.

3) A super professional Member Card included the above logo, the profession/business title, and 8 digits with numbers.

4) A super professional banner in several sizes vertical and horizontal same as the card.

Attention!!! All the above must contain Greek Characters/Font All the above in .psd’s files in large dimensions, because i want resize them.

Please send me your previous work or something of the above to take a look if i like it and choose. I dont care about message such as ‘i can do this.’ :P I use photoshop and i design websites. Please send me only professional proposals.

Thank U – I Offer 50 $

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tommusrhodus says

If you want professional proposals, you should offer professional payment!

Bearing in mind a ‘super professional logo’ should take days, if not weeks to create, with a proper brand identity, don’t you think $50 is a little insulting?

If you truly want a professional response I suggest throwing around a few 0’s to that offer.

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heidiward90 says


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DobrincuSebastian says

$50 for all those things ??! :O You should really increase the price if you want to have it !