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htmlmarine says

Hello! My name is Daryl, but I prefer Dan. I am very interested in learn computer code such as C++ or JavaScript. I have tried many websites, but all I seemed to learn was HTML. I am very good at HTML, but I want to learn more. I am 12 years old, but I feel like I could learn it if I try it. If anyone is interested, please message me, and I will give you my skype. Please take this into consideration, for I would really appreciate it!

Thanks! Daryl (Dan)

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Anps says

Wow 12 year old! Way to go, just keep on learning and you will get far early! Good job!

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FlatKing says


I taught myself webdesign from the age of 12 too, and I couldn’t of got to where I am without a few people helping me out.

Feel free to message me through my profile so we can skype, I can help you with HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP if you’d like