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BruzaJ01 says

I’m looking to create a country map made from various quotes, phrases, words (etc). The words will appear on screen as a person speaks them (green screen movie will be provided for your reference) – and slowly build up the image of the country behind them. The project could be completed as a template for AE5.5 or sent as a finished product (including the .mov which will be supplied).

More discussion is clearly needed but if you’d like to inbox me your details, an example of your work and an estimated quote I’d be happy to get in touch. We’re UK based, so anything supplied would need to be in PAL not NTSC – I do not have trapcode, hence my asking for quotes. If it was supplied as a project either that comp would need to be prerendered or no trapcode should be used.

Hope I haven’t scared you all away! BruzasJ01@Aol.Com
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doru says


not sure I understood the details, please contact me from my profile page with additional info, I can help if budget is adequate