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althonyan says

Hello I watched templates for your mobile is very impressive, I have some questions: 1 – Do you support the Arabic language (writing from right to left)? 2 – Is there a property enlarge text? 2 – Do you support (the Push Notifications (? 3 – Is there a trail version for testing ? 4 – Does the iPad support? 5- Do you support admob ? My queries templates: ( Simple Mobile ? iWorld ? Hybrido ? mobiTheme ) .



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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Hi Hisham,

You’ll want to address those inquiries directly to those authors, either through their item comments or their profile pages. Many of your questions may already be answered in the item descriptions, so be sure to read those thoroughly :)

Also, there is no trial version available for any theme, to my knowledge, so you can probably skip that question :)