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CyberShot says

I just replace my 420 watt power supply with a Thermaltake Black Widow pc gaming 850 watt power supply.

I am running a quad core processor 2327 mhz with an nvidia 8600 gts graphics card. My system does seem to be running faster. Is it me or do you think more wattage can have that effect on a puter?

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jremick Staff says

Umm, as far as I’m aware that’s something limited to laptops capable of power management. I don’t believe desktops are built with any form of power management considering they’re always plugged in.

More than likely, it’s all in your head. ;)

If you’re absolutely certain though, you could go back to the old PSU and do some benchmarking, then do the same benchmarking with the new PSU . ;)

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duotive says

If a microprocessor dose not have the juice it needs it will not start… and the 420 w is okey for that videocard and processor :) so no problems there