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Daniel_R says

Hello creative people!! How you all doing? Hope you are doing just great!

This is a beautiful morning of those it’s 6am and still working. Need an assistance ;)

I have a question about customization of AE Projects. I know your wisdom will come to shine the heads of those doomed to buy files here that will rather spend time playing Guitar Hero than getting that book or tut that will improve skills to start making some sales here or there ;) kidding!

Let’s say I buy an AE project which has 4 placeholders. My client gives me 5 low res video/pics (gotta deal with that too) and I found myself in need of another placeholder. What’s the easy way to create another placeholder?

I know this question is really general and there is a lot of factors involve but Im still lost. I have tried to precompose the elements of that placeholder, but changing these elements will affect the previous placeholder. Is there a way to duplicate a comp in AE? Or should I start making a new comp and build all those elements from scratch?

Thanks in advance, if you are around NYC , you can buy me a coffee and start explaining, lol ;)

God bless you all!

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felt_tips Moderator says
This is a beautiful morning of those it’s 6am and still working…

Welcome to post-production land!

Tricky question. First of all, you need to duplicate your placeholder comp. Let’s call it comp A. The duplicated version, we’ll call comp A2.

Then highlight the original comp (comp A) and look up at the top of your project window. By the thumbnail, there’s a little thing that says used x time(s). There’s a little drop down arrow too. If you click on this, you’ll see a list of the comps and layers where that media or composition is used. Click the first one. The comp will come up with the layer highlighted. Let’s call it ‘comp B’.

Duplicate the layer and make sure it is selected. Now go back to the project window and higlight the duplicated comp (comp A2). On your keyboard press Ctrl + option + ? (For Mac, that’s Cmd + alt + ? ).

The source of the layer you have selected will be replaced by whatever you have highlighted in the project window.

You need to repeat this process for all the layers where comp A was used.

If it’s a complicated project, you might find that comp B itself is used in another composition. If that’s the case, repeat the process. Duplicate Comp B. The duped version is called Comp B2. In Comp B, delete all the duplicated layers, in Comp B, delete all the original layers and then go through the duplicating and replacing procedure again.

This is a real problem with After Effects’ interface. In a node based system, you can simply duplicate any portion of a node tree. This is exactly what this technique is doing in AE, but you have to duplicate each part by hand and then manually reconnect the branches of the tree. AE really needs to replace its silly node based schematic with a working node based interface (while keeping the timeline of course!)

I started writing a script to do this a while back, but got stuck with the duplication of layered photoshop media, which AEs scripting language offers no robust way to deal with. I’m far too inundated with work at the moment to push it forwards. I haven’t even uploaded a Video Hive project for 2 months.

I suspect you are rapidly becoming an AE expert, Elreto!

Do you know Creative Cow too? There’s a great forum over there for all things After Effects.



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Matthias_ says

Contacted you via MSN .

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Daniel_R says

As usually Felt, Thank you, Gracias! This is one of the things is taking me so much time. Thanks for the link. Have completed some tuts with a+ there, ;)

BTW thanks for the warm welcome to post production ;)

Mathias: Your help is so valuable as your friendship. Surely you are the youngest around here and you are full of creativity and inspiration. Your advice worked like charm!

I have found myself working faster and smothly in AE and I am really excited about it. God has given a huge opportunity to put my creativity for the service of others and day by day I can see how my company is getting attention and $ of course. Right now Im working for a non profit organization’s conference this weekend where we are going to broadcast the whole event over the internet. Then more post production work comes. I want to master the greenscreening technique. Some music artist have contacted me for some musical videos (there is a huge need here where I live). I have no idea or experience iproducing movies but I have this self learning capacity, given by God, that help me learn fast. I am also understand that I cannot master every aspect of this technology age (like webdesign, php, flash, design, etc) and began to think about partnerships and what the future will be.

I really love working with AE and want to learn so bad CINEMA 4d (that’s why the classes at fxphd). This is just a testimonial of how some really cool people like you felt, not selfish but willing to help others that comes on the way, will motivate and challenge people like me who one day wants to be top author here. An opportunity came when some ramdom people with a dream were really brave and perseverant to achieve sucess or better know as Envato. Sniff, sniff, make me cry. Hahahaha.

Thanks Felt and Mathias. I owe you both one. I call prosperity to come upon your lives.

Later guys, this was my break ;)

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