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virgild says

I hope this is the appropriate forum to ask this.

When I click a post from my blog I notice that the url for it appears like this, http://www.site.com/http:/site.com/the-post-title

Does anyone know why http:// appears 2 times? With 1 ”/” the second time… I’m confused.

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faevilangel_designs says

Are you using wordpress? It is probably something wrong in your htaccess or your settings.

Check the general settings in the admin menu, and the wp-settings.php file to check that the url’s only have one http

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dtbaker Volunteer moderator says

An issue with the wordpress template possible.

Go view source and look at the link.

Does it look like this:


If the link looks normal in the source, then look for a base href tag near the top that might be incorrect.