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chrisatlemon says

Hi all,

I have no coding background, just HTML and CSS knowledge, I usually outsource all my script/code needs.

One issue I have come across repeatedly is that if I want to use several Jquery plug-ins on the same page they often don’t work because they use different versions of Jquery or because they conflict.

If I use for example a slider, a Carousel, a Light Box etc all on the same page and they all need versions of Jquery what’s the best practice to achieve that?

Can I “stack” different versions? (I found “Jquery no conflict”) googling. Or can I call Jquery from an online location which does this for me? (is tis what the Google CDN thingy is about?)

What a good way of knowing whether a plug-in will continue to be functional when I upgrade Jquery to use another?

If you could explain in humanly understandable words that would be nice :)

Many thanks