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hi all,

I just got a soft reject for one of my files because “it appears there’s a problem with your Preview Image Set.”.

I checked and I saw I messed up on the numbering of the preview images.

So I fixed that and resubmitted, but now I realised that my hidden item with the soft reject does actually feature the additional preview images. You can click on the “screenshot” button and get to see all the preview images.

So now I’m wondering: if the soft reject was because there was a problem with my preview images, but my hidden item does actually feature working preview images … hmmmm … Am I missing something?

Or is it normal procedure that they put up the preview images even though the format was not quite correct.

I named them “example-5.jpg” instead of “05_example.jpg”.

Just wondering while I wait for the review to my update…



PS: hey, it’s only a soft reject, that means that my item as such is great, horray :)