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QBKL says

Dealing with this right now and the support has just taken me for a fool after more than 6 days of waiting to hear back after sending the ticket. This is starting to shape up as a disaster…

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KingDog Staff says

Hey guys. I think ThemeBeans nailed it pretty well, in that you can never really dictate the kind of responses you’ll get when you ask for feedback. However, I think we would all agree, that we’re better off getting feedback, even if we don’t agree with it, than to be left in the dark. All feedback, good or bad, helps us look at buyer expectations as well as ways we can possibly improve our files.

Please always remember that the ratings system as well as our policy process around ratings is an ongoing process. What we have now will continue to be refined and adjusted as we move forward.

As this is being address through the Support Team, and unfortunately it’s starting to look like it’s taking a turn to being unduly negative, I’m going to lock this thread down and encourage you to continue to refer to your ticket. Thanks!