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theAlThemist says

@designova: Welcome to the club (I have several “membercards” for it). Guess what – envato would do NOTHING, with the very convenient excuse that the buyer “have rights to have and express he’s own opinion about your item and it’s a valuable comment for the system on the long run”!!! Who cares about ruined sales, bad reputation etc. Envato? Of course NOT!!!

3 days ago: Rated 1 star(s)

Main reason: Bugs

Extra comments from the buyer: Looks good on picture, but really poor quality theme. Nothing worked.

Never heard from this guy. Never complained about a thing.

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FranklinM2 says

First of, awesome title. Second, I completely agree this one star madness has gotta stop.

The rise of the 1 star trolls :)

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themeflame says

Legend goes users blackmail authors, didn’t want to believe. But then it happened to me about 2-3 months ago.

The guy never spoke to us ever again after we had a chat on why it’s wrong. Such behaviours should not be tolerated and you should write more about it. Go to medium and share it with the world. Many people will support you.

Never, ever, ever allow anybody to blackmail you and keep you on a leash, especially for a rating. You’re nobody’s dog. You’d be better off with that 1, you can almost never change their minds and it’s always one step from 1 to 5. Do something wrong and you’re screwed. I know that for business, it’s bad to have 1, we got them on some themes aswell, but only once have I ever been personally successful in changing it to a 5*, after telling the user he needs to leave and took some attitude.

I know it sounds bad, but Envato is not able to do anything because it’s right not to do it. I wish I’d understood it before…But if they were to step between authors & buyers at that “Subjective level”, they’d piss of LOTS of buyers. Imagine an user with over 50 purchases, having his rating removed and being warned. That one buyer will spread the word, because buyers are sensitive. We as authors, have to endure..so we won’t go away :) Envato’s hands are tied…so let’s give them some credit.

Good luck, everyone.

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XanderRock says

If an item sold hundreds of copies and has high ratings already 1 star is not really matter. But if an item is new and got 1 star that is the issue. Because that means, your months of work is trashed. Also there is a hard review system here so no item deserves 1 star.

How about there would be a rating protect for new items? For example a new item can not be rated lower than 4 for the first month. They already have the release date in API so it wouldn’t be hard to implement.

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designova says

Wow! We just got a response from the buyer (we had tried to contact him earlier via email). Now this adds a great surprise – the buyer has revised the rating to 4 stars :) Still we are seeking which part we should improve from his experience, hoping for the best.


Problem solved for now, but who can say these kind of thing will not happen again..we have to live with it or…?

By the way, thank you everyone for your comments and support in this thread. It really make us feel that we are in an awesome community :)

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CraftedPixels says

Just my 2 cents here…do not throw the tomatoes please :)

I agree with what Envato says: “customers have the right to have and express his/hers own opinion about your item and it’s a valuable comment for the system on the long run”.

BUT, there are two choices here:

1. Do like Youtube and others did, rating with two buttons: recommend/like and do not recommend, plus review text of course.


2. Make the reviews public and give authors the possibility to reply to them. The argument that the same 5 star review model is used by websites like Amazon and it works, does not stand. On Amazon (and all the websites that use the 5 star system) ALL the reviews are public (not just the star rating), review text/justification is mandatory and replies can be added. Keeping reviewer’s name and text hidden from public only frustrates authors and encourages (some) customers to take advantage, blackmail etc. This HAS to stop.

I do not agree with the “client is the master” policy. I do my best to offer good products, good support (<24h), I do fix bugs immediately if it’s the case, so that the customer be happy with his/hers purchase. I respect the customer, but I expect that to be mutual. Good business is when everybody is happy, but unfortunately Envato seems to rather focus on customer well-being, even if that sometimes is a slap on the face for authors…

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DJMiMi says

Yea the best would be to make the ratings public so anyone can read them. Current scenario for rational buyers is that they will think that the something is wrong with the other buyer rather than an item if he sees 25 rates with 5 stars and just one with 1 star. Others will think other way around.

Also it would be a good idea to respond to the rates and even to rate the buyer back, so when the buyer becomes an author the rates as a buyer are also counted in.

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symphonythemes says

We share the same experience.

We used to have a customer who did not send any mail to us, and commented to our item that “No support. Don’t buy from this seller”.

Luckily he did not rate us 1 star. But if he did, our item would be badly rated.

I suggest a refund system like Prestashop has. If the buyer and seller can’t solve a problem, the seller can accept to refund. Then both of them are happy. The buyer does not have to pay. The seller avoids bad rating.

I am in the service industry for over 5 years and I learn that, for some naughty customers, it is just better to refund right away, so I don’t lose time and effort to support them.

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kaptinlin says



We rarely participate in these Themeforest threads, but we feel it appropriate to add our support on this matter. We only maintain one theme at Themeforest under Lin’s personal name (Striking MultiFlex), and this rating system, with the inability to reply or at least contact someone who provides a 1 or 2 star rating, is part of the reason.

Very recently, after going many months without a 1 or 2 star rating for the Striking theme, out of the blue a purchaser rates it 1 star and another 2 stars. We maintain our own support site, and our Support tab, and the Item Details clearly indicate that support is rendered at our site, not the comments tab of the theme. Neither user had ever registerd or posted at our forum, or even posted a comment in the theme comments tab indicating they were having an issue.

It is hard enough for a theme when it is 4 yrs old to maintain any visibility at Themeforest. Theme updates and quality coding count for nothing and support is a constant battle in order to not see the theme rating decline. The impact of 1 and 2 star ratings that cannot be challenged in any way is thus highly detrimental.

We provide support to other authors, and have seen them suffer from this, which is reflected in author comments in this thread.

In our opinion the current rating system is very author “unfriendly” given that this is supposed to be a marketplace for authors, and as Collis put it “low price themes with no support, targeting professionals”. Since it is supposed to be a marketplace of professionals targeting professionals, there should be no issues in peers contacting each other.

We believe the ratings system needs some rethink, and such rethink should be done in consultation with the marketplace authors.

We suggest that when purchaser provides a 1-3 star rating there should be some qualifiers the moment one of these star ratings is toggled, such as “did you contact the author?”, “How did you contact the author (ie forum, email, did they follow support methodology, and the email or forum name they used)”. “Did they respond”, “what theme and wp version are you using”, etc. The ratings form should have qualifiers/validation in the process so it can be determined how, when and under what name they did such. This way, it can be determined if it ratings spam, or other maliscious intent.

Alternatively, leave the rating private, but provide a way for the author to respond in the private comments, like can be done in the public comments. The purchaser would see the response (there should be an automatic email triggered when the author responds) and a dialog can commence. The rating would be “suspended” from true implementation until either a period of time (say 7 days) and after that period of time if the purchaser does not respond, or the responses are intractable/unreasonable, then the author can request removal.

You see where I am going with this…. Such qualifiers will allow for true determination if the rating is “earned”, and provide an opportunity to either address, remove if unearned, or when appropriate, take our lumps.

We think this matter can be easily resolved with just a bit of effort from Themeforest. The 2nd suggestion above should be very quick to implement, and would at least provide a stop gap pending a more complete methodology.

The ideas above from other authors about an agreement to refund, and several others are all fine ideas

Anyways some quick thoughts from our group.

Best Regards
Striking Team

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meks says

Here’s a suggestion.

Allow authors to force refund for specific user and rating from that user will be cleared automatically ;)

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