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DanyDuchaine says

I know there was a lot of posts about Ratings but here’s my little idea.

When rating an item, buyers should have the options to leave a comment as well, attached with their rating, explaining why they gave a 5 stars .. or a 1 star. That way it would be really easy for potential buyers to go trough the rating page and see the reason why a theme is high rated, or low rating.

Sometimes a buyer might think it’s not a good theme for X reason, that someone else doesn’t really care. Some user are looking for flexibility, other are looking for great support. Would be nice to know what that “star” rating means to buyers.

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IulianN says

Yes Dany, is a great idea, but I doubt will be implemented.
All my themes have low rating, is not about the themes, is more about the support, and not always is my fault.

I get very nervous when I see : “asap”, “You belong to me”, “I’ve purchased your theme, do what I tell you to do” and so on .., and that’s why an idea like yours will be of great help for me and for all authors.

I will like to see something like this : Item Details / Comments / Testimonials , I think will be great, and I don’t think will be to dificult to be implemented.


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bitpub says

A simple modification can be made to how the rating is shown – below the star rating displayed now, they should add how many 5 stars rating you have, how many 4 star and so on..

It’s very simple and has a better success rate then the idea mentioned above in my opinion, because most people can’t be persuaded to even rate the item so I think that getting testimonials is even a smaller chance.

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SwiftIdeas says

Great idea. A lot of people leave good feedback in the comments but it often goes unnoticed.

- Ed