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Enabled Moderator says

This one is for the devs, first off, sorry for posting images with names in them, but it’s more than obvious it’s for helping the community and not to call out on anyone! :)

When browsing the recent posts sections, I noticed this bug. I am using Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE8 /9 if that is of any help to you guys! :)

Am I the only one having this issue?


It looks even worse with a image. Seems like it’s extending to the full wrapper width!

Edit 2:

It happens for Threads Started as well!

Edit 3:

I have no plugins installed neither is my page zoomed out. I just tested again! Happens on all major browsers. Chrome, Firefox, IE8 /9.

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firionicable says

Whoa.. How does this happened? Do you think you have done something to make the whole page breaks?