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davescomputersinc says

My goal is to have a referral plugin that is automated.

Example of a situation:

Customer purchases computer support from my website. After the purchase they will receive an email with a general Thank You message and their unique “referral” code number.

They can share that referral code to anyone. The code won’t work for them when they try and use it.

When a friend uses the referral code, the friend will get a discount applied to their purchase and the referring friend will get an email notification Thanking them for the referral and letting them know they earned a “credit” .

The person who was referred will get an email as well after their purchase using the referral code from their friend..

Every 3 referrals someone gets they earn a “free” repair reward code for 100% discount for a specific repair.

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mkuivin says

agreed…much needed. It would be nice if there was a way to track the $ spent on referrals, so someone who refers a lot of people to purchase high priced items should be better rewarded.