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Moosbat says
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ok , can some one just take a look at my theme and tell me should i keep on redesigning or should i just give up ?! my theme got rejected 5 times and i really don’t know WHY ?! i mean i know its not the best theme of themeforest but its not that bad ! or is it ?

Demo Link

5 post formats , 8 blog page , 12 shortcodes , fully responsive , you can create and use unlimited skins , custom widgets

is anything missing ? is it design ? should i add translate and RTL ? BBpress ? any freaking idea ?

Any kind of comment is very very appreciated cause i am totally giving up on themeforest , thanks .

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dalennea says


Your site is coming along nicely but I notice the following:

1. On all pages the white space on either the side of the content is to close to the edge (this applies on all pages) 2. Spacing for example on “recent posts” are not uniform (i.e. the margin space from the picture to the h1 title to the content are not equally spaced) 3. “Latest post” continuity is all over the place with no real symmetry to it (not sure if that was intended that way) but it makes it difficult to understand 4. Color scheme is in my opinion “old” and the pictures are not enough of contrast to help the deficiencies and lead the eye away from the mishaps in spacing and typography 5. The logo again has no real stand out feature or inviting presence and is lost in the header (the advertising is larger than the logo).

These are just some of the things that I noticed on the front page and it is just a cursory look….Keep up the good work, with some added concept design changes I think you will have something nice….

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2mediax says


it’s not difficult to understand the reasons:

Main reason is that is not unique nor has elements of originality….so, you can understand what follows
- It’s not responsive
- If it’s for a blog/magazine context…. why is everything a Latest Post?
- Content are way to near to images and images are way to near zones and contents..
- Where are the CONTENT ZONES ?.... the template builder has to show an idea to the common probable buyer of what will he be purchasing!
- There are lots of themes with this layout…but you can find them in the 2011 archive…

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SkinGen says

The most common reason – the texts need some space to breathe. :) you need to adjust spacing and give some nice names to the drop down menu other than List A, B, C. First, make a solid grid for your theme. Or try to use a frame work such as foundation, bootstrap or skeleton. And there are a lot of fine tuning to to like the page reloads when clicks next month in calender, font size may be too small for tabs and mobiles etc. Finally, don’t know if it’s only me, but there’s no menu in the contact us form. :)