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ChillThemes says

Apparently, it’s not good enough for ThemeForest. Leave your thoughts.


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parajuli says

I think there should be some changes in the footer… everything else.. pretty good.

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zigmat says

All i see here is – Oh my theme is rejected. Another reject. etc. Bla-bla-bla.

My first template was rejected 7 times and what? I listen to the judges and do what they want from it. Now i can buy WD Passport Elite 500gb, just one week after they accepted my template.

This is to ensure that if it rejected it can be better. Just ask where it can be better.


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jremick Staff says

Okie dokie… lets see here shall we! :)

1) The page layout doesn’t visually guide a visitor through the content. Although I’m not opposed to the way the content is laid out, I’m not a fan of the way it was executed.

2) The usage of colors for the background, titles, etc. don’t work very well.

3) The header area could be spaced out more so it isn’t so busy and smushed together.

4) The color you used for the background (not the blue background) is pretty dull and I think makes the site feel dull overall. I would try a more crisp and clean color. Overall I would probably use a different color scheme with colors that work well together and provide a good mix for contrast, highlights and accents.

Anyway, so there are a few things. I hope this helps. :)