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MicrostockMan says

Hi guys,

I know this is one of those touchy subjects where we photographers get all uppity about our work, but after submitting probably 300 images or so, it seems that there are some pretty bizarre rejections going on here. Especially since in other forum threads the comment has been made that “we dont have a not-needed list at the moment” as PhotoDune is just starting out.

So after getting lots of rejections of files that are happily accepted and selling well on other MAJOR sites (SS, DT, etc etc…), I am left wondering why so many files are being rejected here, usually based on the “the overall quality of this submission was not high enough for inclusion in the PhotoDune library” reason.

If the file is technically sound enough (as proven by acceptance to every other library) and the subject matter isn’t saturated in the library, why are they being rejected so liberally?

Its not a whinge (I promise!), just a concerned observation for the future.

Thanks in advance!

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stemlund says

I have this happen a lot between all the stock sites. They have a different level of acceptance and I’ve just chalked it up to different inspectors and level of quality that each site is willing to accept. Usually the images that get rejected one place and accepted another is because the image is borderline on one or more technical requirement. That or they don’t need that image for their collection. Also, certain sites will allow similar images from others in your portfolio and others won’t. It’s a decision they have to make about whether they value slight variations or thinks it’s unneeded.

If it helps any, there have been images that were rejected early on in beta and then I re-uploaded and they were accepted, either because of a different inspector or because they had worked out some of the unknowns for what they would and wouldn’t accept.

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jremick Staff says

Hi guys,

Apologies for the delayed response here. I’m the Review Manager for Envato and manage the review staff for PhotoDune.

As PhotoDune is still very, very new, we’re shaping and forming out review standards, as well as training the review staff on where the quality and content acceptance lines are. Unfortunately this means that there will be submission rejections that we may actually want while the reviewers are still gaining familiarity with the standards we want and as the review team as a whole further develops.

In the mean time, please feel free to shoot me an email at jarel@envato.com with links to any particular submission reviews you’re concerned about or, if there are many, just give me a heads up and I’ll look through the rejections to see what needs to be adjusted.