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AlexFjord says

“Authors will adjust pricing in accordance with competition” – first that’s a totally different question from the currency issue originally raised. Second this is the most subjective thing of all – you cannot cost an item that is different from another based on plugins etc as so many thing influence it’s value, e.g. Code, design, etc etc. Including many you cannot see without purchasing both side by side

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uouapps says

p.s out of interest – and this is NOT an attack it is a GENUINE question… would someone mind telling me how much it would cost to go to a developer in India (as an example!) and ask for a fully functioning WP theme that looks and operates as good as they do on here?

My guess is still more than $50 so technically everyone is still getting an amazing deal here either way???

You seem to make a huge confusion here between low incomes & Talent Hunting, if you want to find a WP developer that can deliver with the standards of themeforest he’s going to cost you… so regardless whether he/she is from India, Switzerland or Brasil it’s not the geographical location that determines the cost, it’s the individual’s skills…

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AlexFjord says

Sorry but I think there is confusion… I agree that quality weather it is developers or software costs money.

With that in mind all I am doing is justifying why people should not pay differently irrelevant of what they are.

Salaries may be more in the EU but then so is the cost of living etc. Wherever someone is, talent as you said takes costs and these files are a great deal.

As for authors setting prices – all that would do is cause chaos, price wars and long term damage the marketplace. Design especially, let alone coding etc is very subjective especially when it is your own work and the only fair way is to have an independent decision maker.

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Joost Moderator says

I think there should be a “pay with bitcoin” option.

Well arn’t you glad this was not adopted yesterday? ;)

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rayoflightt says

+1 for EUR

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