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NigelLew says

I picked up a random client the other day that had purchased this on fiverr..

[link removed]

They are all stolen/nulled/hacked what have you. The theme in my case was enfold. I instructed the client to send it over to so I have that archive. I just told her to delete the other stuff.

In my case. The theme was quite literally 12 builds old and has a link in the footer to mafiashare.

I tried to report this on the support page but it kept telling me it was the wrong form selection even though, it was not.

My client sent that dumbass a note and his response is golden lol.. If someone at the helm around here would like for me to send that over as well I am happy to do so.

As I don’t have the CP on this stuff there is not much I can do. The DMCA submission stuff on fiverr is a deliberate pain the ass in the first place.

In this particular case I have sent a note the theme creator but I clearly don’t have time to contact 5 gigs worth of theme authors.


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KingDog Staff says

A note Piracy discussions in the forums

Please do not post any threads discussing or link to piracy and/or warez sites. These do more damage than good and will be locked or disabled.

Report any copyright, piracy, or warez violations to Envato Support, and see the Knowledgebase for info on Copyright Support. Thanks!