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bmiguel84 says

Hi there. My question is similar to this one: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/reselling-customizing-sites-to-clients/26144?page=1

But… I’m a bit confused. I was reading themeforest’s T&C, and it says the the buyer cannot resell the product. I’m looking for a complete solution for my business like this: I have on my business website a product that is a all-in-one (webhosting, email, and site solution). Is it possible to have on my site some screenshots of, for example, joomla template so my customer choose one of them, and then I will make his site based on that template? Who need to purchase the product? It need to be my final customer, or can I buy it with my account?

Thanks for any advice.

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Sagalian says

I am not sure about the screenshots, (but many sites do add screenshots and redirect users to TF to buy)

but what you an do is make a collection of (public collection) on TF and then generate a link to your profile via Become Affiliate and post it on your site and redirect users to buy items directly on TF and get your commission every purchase. (This is legal as per the T&C of TF)

Note: a staff member can reply best to this post, I just shard my understanding and knowledge on your matter.