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Even if this is a Paypal-based issue, one thing I can see happening soon is that if neither Envato nor Paypal solve this problem to the authors’ satisfaction, there’s going to be a mass emigration away from Envato to other sites which offer little or no room for this kind of abuse. Few people will tolerate this kind of abuse on such a large scale.

Unfortunately, I am in no position to fix this problem myself, but I think Paypal needs to stop all sale reversal attempts and manually review each of them so they can spot the parasitic buyers and take appropriate action. Most of this dishonest behavior will stop because some people just don’t have the patience to deal with the time it would take to have their case heard while others will be afraid of being found out and dealt with.

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As I said, you’re worrying for such a small thing, this is the disadvantage of using PayPal. If they would drop the support for PayPal, sales would drop and obviously ALL of us won’t agree with this.

From my point of view it’s completely ok, it happens everywhere PayPal is accepted, the users are getting banned and they won’t be able to do it regularly, that’s the downside of PayPal, the upside is that most of the orders are with PayPal, probably.

And Blinn, one reversal out of 200 sales or even more is nowhere near ‘large scale’. It’s not like you lose half of your earnings on reversals. ;)

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Envato already does something, it bans the accounts and the emails used to purchase items, so they can only get only one “free” item using their account.

I wish you were right, but this is simply not true. For instance the user eliano, profile: [Yup, modz is gunna remozes the linkz] made a dispute/reversal, and his account is still there :confusedsad:

Lets see if a mod removes the name/link to protect the abuser.

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Just like with piracy and file leaking, talking about sales reversals on the Forums is not the wisest of things.

The reasons behind these reversals have been explained in this (now locked) thread: http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/update-dealing-with-reversed-purchases-/96939

If you have any further concerns RE a sale reversal, please refrain from posting about it on the Forums and contact Envato Support.

Sales reversals will affect a lot of us and as so, if everyone should make a thread about it, the Forums would be filled with nothing but “I made my first sale” and “then got it reversed” threads :D

Thanks for your understanding folks :)

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