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rosta says

Hi..i’m a new contributor here, 2 small uploads so far, but am confused by something that has happened both times. On my dashboard it states that i have new uploads accepted, gives the file name and what number it is. Yet the images do not show up in my portfolio nor have I received an email saying they were accepted. After i had uploaded the first batch, the next day I received emails regarding all but one image. I emailed support to ask why it was on my dashboard but not in the portfoilio. when they answered their reply must have crossed in the “mail” so to speak because the image then appeared in my portfolio and they saw no issues. This time it has happened again. Is this normal for some images to be hung up for a few days? if so I can learn to live with it. Thank you.

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KingDog Staff says

I imagine some files may take a little longer to show up. If they don’t show up at all even after a week or more; then we have something to worry about :) In cases like that your best bet is to contact Support. But for for files that only take a few extras days, I wouldn’t worry to much about it.