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Keenpixel says

A few vectors were reviewed later last night and more today…happy some of mine got accepted!

I know it’s tough, but hold tight and someone will get to your files!

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burningstonecold says

The reviewers are doing a great job, i had my file reviewed and accepted in under 48 hours which i think is great – with 3 reviewers they’re doing an excellent job to manage a large number of files and requests,

While us Authors love to think that the Reviewers are superhuman – they do infact live normal lives!

But, all jokes aside you guys are doing well with what ever circumstances your under.

Though, it would be good to hire one reviewer from each world region as so to speak: Oceania/Asia Europe/Russia Americas/Canada/Etc

Then basically in theory you’d have reviewers available nearly 24/7…

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ArikB says


Amanda and Scott: US (GMT-6 / -9 area) Me: Netherlands (GMT+1) Kailoon: Asia (GMT + a lot)

Here’s the issue though, for instance, I have exams now. That means I am out of rotation and the others cover for me.