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MSFX Volunteer moderator says

Recently I’ve been trying to get back to being fit by working and running etc…

So, whose up for some friendly competition on Nike+ to try and get us all fit for the summer and away from our screens for at least a small portion of the day?

Last year we had an awesome marketplace challenge using Nike+ but they’re still revamping the challenges section of the new site so we’ll have to wait a bit for that… :(

You can find my profile on Nike+ here :)


Come on creative people, lets go!


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delgibbons says

I’m trying too lol. Using MiCoach just now as I got rid of my iPhone. I do have an iPod though and some nike+ trainers, so maybe I’ll get that up and going! :D

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mitdralla says

The fitbit might be a good option although I want a Nike+ ;)

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Dfinepixel says

Running is for Crooks and Cops!! :D
But seriously i miss the days i could go to the beach and run along the coast :(