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Danilo83 says

Hello, i’m confused…today my Rockwell Template for joomla don’t work correctly!!! The problem is about the GALLERY in the ARTICLE! I insert div class =jawgallery…path image…/div The small image working but the lightbox don’t work…. I Trought to reinstall Joomla and the template, reset the mysql table…but the gallery don’t work again. You can help me??? Thanks!

ps. when i bought the template in the demo there is the gallery lightbox like the same wordpress template….but now the gallery in the joomla template demo is disappear!!! Whi? :0(

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dnp_theme says

You should always contact your item author, he is the best man to ask for support. These forums are authors public forums and not support forums.

Go to your items author’s profile page and use the contact form in there.