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I doubt that Envato is advertising those items. I mean it wouldn’t be fair to other authors… I think they advertise by themselves.. Btw, we also noticed big sales drop for the last two days.. I think that maybe people are going on vocations.. It’s the end of July.. Edit: But you get amount for marketing… Doesn’t it mean than that you must make a campaign by yourself. or Envato does that job too?
Envato will not give you money. They will made campaign automaticaly for item that you choose (they create ads image, configure anything, etc). You will not have any access to statistic for this campaign and can’t see how it goes and who bought your items from campaign.

Thanks for the info, didin’t know how this work… On one hand it’s great that they are preparing campaign as they have much more experience, but on the other hand as we can’t see the background of it, it’s not so cool at all. We won’t learn anything…

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22nd – 24th were great for sales here, but OP, I’ve had the same with a single item, I remember it clearly, though it was really early in it’s lifespan, for the first 5 days the theme got like 15 – 20 sales a day, and then after that the sales COMPLETELY disappeared, I mean like 2 – 3 sales a week.

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I’m having the same issue with one of my items. Has sold 20+ a week since it was released last July and all of a sudden this week I have sold 5. This came after selling 27 last week and 35 the week before. My envato analytics is reporting that traffic to my author page is pretty much the same but traffic to my theme demo is way down. I have no idea why this is happening.

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I am noticing the drop since 26th. It all went pretty well till then, but last two days – zero sales. It’s a weekend, I get it, but previous weekends was pretty ok for me.