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radykal says

Hey guys,

I´m working now with Lion for a couple days and I detect a major issue with saving files. First I thought its an application-based problem, but I notice it comes up in several apps.

When I save in Photoshop a file 5 times it crashs, when I try to download 2 files with ff at the same time, it crashs when I´m saving the second file…...other apps also crashs when I trys to save the file.

I already find on google other users with the same problem, but no solution for it.

I think I will downgrade to SL again. Already found a tut that describe it how to do it, but I am glad about other tuts too, that worked for you.

Whats your experience?

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ZoomIt says

Yeah, Lion has many bugs

Don’t upgrade until .1 release for who has not upgraded!

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RightHere says

I have not had any problems with the computer crashing at all. However I found the new saving process in the native applications a bit tedious in the beginning. I guess all new things feels a bit strange in the beginning.

Airdrop works great for quickly sharing files with other users on the network. Funny to see how Safari now “imitates” how the iPad works with sliding pages left/right – instead of using the back and forward buttons you can just slide on the magic mouse or trackpad.

I find it highly annoying that I can’t assign the different browsers to different desktops like I can do with applications. Besides that I think its a cool update for only $29.95