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gballx says

Genelec anyone?

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SoundWavesMusic says

Hi, The most honest thing that I can say is: If You work in a small room (like most of us) then stay away from the big monitors with 8’’ drivers or bigger. I think that You should get some good 5’’ monitors because the bigger monitors need more room to operate the right way. Even the professional acoustic treatment doesn’t help much. I work on Mackie MR8 and Yamaha HS50. Don’t get me wrong, the Mackies are great monitors but they are just to big for my room (which is about 15 m2) and it’s very hard to get a mix that will sound right on other speakers too. You always get too much low end and because of that the mid and hi frequencies suffer. That is why I always work on the little Yamahas. Yes, you will not get bass like the one from the 8”, but the much more important mid and hi frequencies are there and they sound excellent. That is why all the mixing and mastering done on the Yamahas sound great everywhere. You just need to get to know your monitors. If You consider getting 5’’ pro monitors that sound natural, then all I can say is go for the Yamaha HS50. That is what I would do. The KRK’s are very nice but they are just too colored.


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Stuck_in_the_Basement Envato team says

Not to mention that the HS50s have built in filters so that you can adjust your monitors to the frequency response of your room. This is what I use combined with a good pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 25-1 II), although I wish I could afford the HS80 for better bass response…
And yes @gballx, definitely Genelec, but that’s a whole different budget!

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backgroundmusic says

Hi there, I think that with the size of your room, adding subs will bring only more confusion in low frequencies. I personally use for nearfield monitoring Dynaudio BM6, and they are pretty decent in low frequencies. I worked with Adam a7x, KRK vxt6 and PMC TB series. PMC is an excellent monitor, but little out of your considered price range. Dynaudio BM series, Adam AX series and KRK VXT series are my honest recommendation for your current needs. I just think that you should not go over 7 inch in bass for room of that size.

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