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Hello everyone,

I’m seeking for a Front end and Wordpress Developer with experience converting PSD Designs into Html Templates and Wordpress Themes.

I am interesting only to long term partnership with one person his responsibility will be to convert the PSD design i already design and the ones i will design into Html Templates and Wordpress Themes.

I cant offer upfront paid for the at the moment but what i can offer are as follow: Fifty percentage (50%) of the profits from the sales of the themes (Life Time) Long term partnership and constant incoming projects Sixty percentage (60%) from all the custom orders(for website design) i receive from my local clients.

Contact me for more information about the role, or to register your interest!

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You can contact me on hayatuzair@gmail.com and I hope we can discuss a partnership. :)

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I am interested please contact us at info@spyropress.com

For discussion skype is better.

Skype: spyropress

Also see my portfolio.


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I’m a DEVELOPER, tough this is my personal account, I have another account where I have already 3 wordpress themes approved and selling well. My concerns in your proposal are very simple:

- Developing for wordpress takes 100% of available time and effort, since it’s all about logic and excellent coding….. not to mention the incredible high level themeforest requires in order to have a theme approved.
- I’ve heard and read about many graphics trying to find developers with experience. Still, graphics offer very unfair rates, specially when the need is not for graphics rather Web Designers, whereas the web designer should have deep knowledge of css/css3. The PSD or template has very little impact and is of no use to the developer by itself.
- To design a PSD for an expert designer requires 2/3 weeks…. To develop/adapt the same PSD on wordpress or similar CMS requires 1/2 months if already exists a framework and all the environmental functions are established (not to mention the high level required to enter themeforest standards.). Developing timing is from 3/4 months if starting from scratch!
- It’s pretty obvious that SUPPORT is one of the crucial requirements to have a good rating and growth in your profile….Furthermore, unexpert buyers will contact the SUPPORT for any little issue….. and it can be terrible if the code is not developed correctly or scalable. THIS GOES MAINLY ON THE DEVELOPER!!!.
- The graphics ends with the PSD ( and by experience it can be a total failure, which the graphic can handle by having some other idea).... All the rest relies on the developers!.

So, having said those points…. 50% / 50% is very unfair to propose and very risky to accept for any developer!!

A fair rate should be, specially when there are no warranties on the graphics success, 15%-20% for the graphic and the rest for the developer at the beginning, after 400/500 sells, yes, you can think on doing a 40/60 rate!... BECAUSE ?? !!.. DEVELOPERS WILL HAVE TO OFFER SUPPORT FOREVER…(and upgrade, and fix issues, and code every day!)

Developers, dont underestimate your job, and graphics, dont overestimate your job!!!. By doing so, it’s going to be difficult to have good frameworks and support at the long run!

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Thank you for your thoughts,

But please dont jump to conclusions without knowing in details what i am looking for and what i offer in return! I never mention i am after themeforest market, and i dint mention that the developers will have to provide support and updates!

So before jumping to conclusions maybe you should had ask me for some details to verify that what you think is the truth or not!

On the case you described above with most of your points i agree, but this is not the case of this role!

Thank you

@SpyroPress Email Sent!

@uziiuzair Email Sent!

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