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cloud9 says

Hi TF,

Not sure if this is in the right area. I am looking for a frontend UI developer who is an expert in html and css to help me fix a few bugs across my site.

My previous developer has taken a year off and going on OE and I have just launched a few websites. So i really need someone long term who is contactable everyday who can take tasks as often as every day or a few times a week.

I also have a few wordpress websites using themes from themeforest that i require some minor tasks like creating pages based on the themes here and adding content etc.

Looking for someone URGENTLY, please email leftclicknetwork @ gmail.com

I am looking to hire from TF as i love the quality here. I know there is microlancer site, but i’m not looking for tasks based pricing. I have a good idea how long things take, and i get a good sense from peoples work here the style of coding they write.

Long term, lots of projects. For the right person will have regular work and good payment terms.

Some tasks might take an hour or 4 hours. Show me some of your themes, the hours and timezone you are in. I am on skype 24 / 7.



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Dzinc says

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