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prismonde says

I totally agree blazedd.. To be honest with you, that is the first positive comment I have seen about GoDaddy, relating to hosting. Their adds are ridiculous, and border-line offnsive, not only for ther content, but for the barage and sheer amount of them as well. Definitely makes you feel like a free host… until you remember you are paying for it!

I had Yahoo!... Hated them… for a lot of reasons. They limit your controls, they add nasty bits of script into your code, they don’t use the newst versions of PHP … or anything for that matter, and probably worst of all when I asked questions about much of this stuff through their support they COMPLETELY ignored me.

That being said, I switched to GoDaddy. They basically robbed me of eighty-some dollars. They would not give me access to my hosting account without buying a domain from them, and when I contacted support about this, they said to just put in a fake domain. What?! I’m not even sure i kow waht they meant by that, but needless to say, I tried it and it did not work. I contacted them further and they would give me nonsensical advice like to ensure my internet was still connected. What kind of support advice is that! I’m done with GoDaddy.

Ads in my control panel were bad enough, but i think the worst part to me, was the CONSTANT and RELENTLESS upsell attempts. You can’t click an okay button anywhere without being asked if you want to buy a new domain, or an SSL , or sign up fr a new email service. Top all that with the fact that their CEO is a self-important blowhard, and I quite agree with you Blazedd.

All that being said…

I’m still looking. Checking into 1and1 and mediaTemple now. Also looking at wpwbhost… Hard to make the leap and end up stuck….

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HostBlueCow says


What kind of resources you are using for your site? If you are thinking to host yourself, you may want to look for a VPS solution. You may need to pay extra for the control panel, and if you do not how to manage the server yourself, you may require to pay for a server management.

As jremick had suggested, Servint.net is a good VPS company. They include cPanel + full server management all for $49/month. The support is good because I use it myself too :D But if you don’t have a huge budget, you might want to look a shared hosting environment. There is a hugh list of hosts at webhostingtalk.com, but intensive research needs to be done if you demand excellent service from the company.

So good luck with your venture in finding a company!

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prismonde says

Thanks for the great advice, HBC …

i’ll have to look it all over a bit more and weigh my options. I really appreciate all the posters great advice though…


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Acronda says

I have hosted my sites with diffrent providers going from free to cheap to midrange. And until I switched to a VPS account never really had the feeling I was in control. Having control to install what I need is what I like most about a VPS .

If you are interested in the host that I use it is www.kickassvps.com.

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